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Frequent Questions

You don’t know where to start your Digital Journey?

We do. Contact us and we will guide you by understanding your Business Scenarios.

Since how long we are in Business?

We are in this Business of Web Design and Development since 2019.

Do we work on the existing running Business?

Of course! We can get started with current situation to make it better.

Do we have any templates for Small scale Business?

Yes, we understand Businesses in different size and shapes.

Can only Business consulting be availed?

Yes, we are flexible to handle these kind of requests.

What is the Lead-Time to start the project?

Within a week after finalizing the working contract.

Terms and conditions of the working contract?

We plan our terms and conditions of the contract as per the Industry standards.

Will there be a dedicated team or shared team working on the Project?

Depends on the Size and Terms & conditions of the working contract.

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